I don't believe in low fat cooking

Eat what you love.
"if it looks good, eat it!" - Andrew zimmern (Bizarre foods)
"I like to eat street foods" - Bobby chinn (world cafe asia)
.. "foody munster!"

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Big Tournament: SumoSam MOA

We were in Mall of Asia last Friday night to play bowling, 8 sets for the boys and 3 for me and ate kaye. After the whole game, we went to Sumo Sam to satisfy our empty stomach. yey!

Since it was near closing time, there aren't many people dining in. I'm loving the ambiance of this branch compared to sumosam gateway, and the designs are modern chic. love it.

Monday, November 12, 2012

a date with my burrito: Noriter and Army Navy (Taft)

This is my Best friend, alyssa. We've known each other since we were 4 or 5 years old. We grew up together because we live soooo close,(2 GIANT steps lang  from our gate, nasa tapat kana din ng gate nila.) so we tend to see each other quite often. But that was before, Until we went to college, But we still manage to keep in touch, of course, we're best friends. :)

so one time, we went to Noriter and Army Navy along taft avenue, in front of DLSU to chitchat and relax.

sasa and chie (our childhood nicknames)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

simply delish: Rai Rai Ken

The word Rai Rai when translated in Chinese and Japanese language means "welcome" and Ken which means "restaurant". However, it is the Japanese people which further developed this into an authentic fine food concept and experience. Rai Rai in japanese is originally pronounced as "irashai" while ken is "shokudo". It was in 1992 when Benjamin Garcia decided to put up his own resto in makati city. He called it Master Chow, it was more of a "karinderya" and not a regular resto with Tapsilog and other Filipino breakfast. Later on it's operation, they started to offer ramen and other japanese food.


With her daughter, princess and "mowdel" hubby, Felix Tiomico, Jenny Garcia Tiomico
(or ate jen as i call her), who happens to be my cousin's friend, is a corporate secretary at Rai Rai Ken and the daughter of Mr. Benjamin "Benjie" Garcia, Rai Rai Ken's President and CEO.

Felix, by the way is a cast member of TV5's Game and  Go with Joey Deleon every sunday, a model and an executive chef, also at Rai Rai Ken. He was part of the Bench Universe 2012, Cosmo Bash 2012, Philippine Fashion Week and other Runway fashion shows in manila.