I don't believe in low fat cooking

Eat what you love.
"if it looks good, eat it!" - Andrew zimmern (Bizarre foods)
"I like to eat street foods" - Bobby chinn (world cafe asia)
.. "foody munster!"

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spaghetti in the House: The Old Spaghetti House

i remember the first time we had our dinner at The Old Spaghetti House. me and my cousins were planning to try this restaurant ever since because we love pasta, so when we found out that TOSH has a branch in SM north Annex, we decided to dine here after we watched Vampires Suck.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

dinner with channing tatum: kangaroo jack, SM north edsa

I've been busy a couple of weeks now, but when it comes to my family, especially my cousins and friends, i'll find a way just to be with them. so,when I found out that 21 jumpstreet (jonah hill and channing tatum) is Now showing in cinemas, i immediately told my cousins about it!

so after the movie, we decided to have our dinner at kangaroo jack.

Friday, May 4, 2012

what milk tea?: gong cha sm north edsa ky garden

Milk tea is famous nowadays, mas famous na keysa sa mga frappe. you can find milk tea shops everywhere. Like the one I visited along sm north sky dome: gongcha. The place is really small.. as in!  you can’t fit 10 persons ata to order at the same time. Though there are chairs and tables outside, they’re full most of the time. i ordered chocolate milk tea, and you can choose the sugar level from 0% (no sugar), 30%, 50%, 70% to 100% (full sugar). There are also a lot of flavors, but since it’s my first time to try it, I chose the most common flavor.
gong cha milk tea chocolate - 75php (i think?!)