I don't believe in low fat cooking

Eat what you love.
"if it looks good, eat it!" - Andrew zimmern (Bizarre foods)
"I like to eat street foods" - Bobby chinn (world cafe asia)
.. "foody munster!"

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Affordable Italian Food: Ristorante Bigoli Trinoma (Late post)

I had a date with my cousin, shayne and our friend, maurice in Trinoma. They asked me to hang out with them and have some laughs since i'm very busy and having a rough week. Well, of course i said yes!

since i haven't tried chewy junior yet, well.. they bought a box of it.^_^

after some walking and talking, they asked me if i want something to eat. and again, i said yes!
i told them that i want to eat pizza, chicken or pasta.:)
so we head over to bigoli.

Serving affordable Italian food

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sweet Cravings: Sweet Inspirations Katipunan and Chocolat MOA

After an hour of rubbing, stretching and kneading of our body parts at BFF spa, we were craving for something sweet, so i thought of getting a yummy scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough from Sebastian's Ice cream. While walking, i saw the lightbox of sweet inspirations and i remember reading positive feedbacks about this bakeshop.. well, mostly. so i told my cousin to try and find out what's in there and what other "sweets" are they selling. 
and yeah, i totally forgot about sebastian's....