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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sweet Cravings: Sweet Inspirations Katipunan and Chocolat MOA

After an hour of rubbing, stretching and kneading of our body parts at BFF spa, we were craving for something sweet, so i thought of getting a yummy scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough from Sebastian's Ice cream. While walking, i saw the lightbox of sweet inspirations and i remember reading positive feedbacks about this bakeshop.. well, mostly. so i told my cousin to try and find out what's in there and what other "sweets" are they selling. 
and yeah, i totally forgot about sebastian's....

Upon entering, maybe my cousin didn't noticed that i was completely surprised about how broad and spacious the room is.... because she also, didn't noticed that there's still one more step.. so she lost her balance and fell! well, not actually "fell", parang lang, i'm being over acting lang :) good thing i'm infront of her...... uhmm... good thing because hindi ko yun nakita kasi baka matawa lang ako. ANSAMA KO.:)

I've always thought that this is just a typical bakeshop that sells common type of pastries. until I checked their website and found out that they also have different kinds of CAKES - blueberry cheesecake, tiramisu, newyork cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, cookies and cream cake, etc., PIES - apple, mango and banana cream pie, CREAM PUFFS, ECLAIRS, LECHEFLAN, COOKIES and other baked goodies! and very affordable pa.

ate eizelle ordered the newyork cheesecake, her favorite. and as for me, after a couple of minutes of thinking and convincing myself on what to order, (LAGI AKONG GANUN. AS IN.) i ended up with the german chocolate cake, (since i love chocolate) akala ko i made a poor choice because it looks a bit dry and parang may kulang?? kulang sa presentation and sa color...

NY cheesecake - 72
german chocolate cake - 63

..... but then, the taste? i was wrong. the german chocolate cake was uhmmm.. not dry but not moist either. maybe because it was left for a long period of time inside the fridge, (what do you expect michie?! duh.) i can't describe the texture but i can describe the feeling after tasting it.. ^__^
....the chocolate ganache, little walnut bits - (im not a big fan of nuts, btw. but i love kare-kare! -> so??), it reminds me of a cake from jacksloft and i pretty much liked it.
for me, the NY cheesecake is ok, but i liked the yema-thing on top. and i think my cousin really loved it because she finished the whole slice. except for the hard flour crust at the bottom, just like the crust of an egg pie that you buy in your nearest bakery. too hard.

overall, we enjoyed it and we were planning to visit sweet inspirations again next time with our cousin/foodbuddy - shayne.:)

the next day, i went with my cousin (daddy's side) ate kaye and with my sweet niece, kaelah at Chocolat, MOA. she  ordered the best-seller, Death by tablea, red velvet for kaelah and choco caramel cake for me.

lovely mom and daughter..:) 

kaelah loved her red velvet cupcake, it's fluffy and moist, i didn't get a piece, though, but i can tell it on how it looks and how she eats it, and so did ate kaye, the cake itself is just light and oozy. Again, i didn't get a piece of it simply because i already tried it thrice. 
and now, my cake was chocolate caramel. The caramel was really sweet - (ofcourse, it's caramel, michie!!) but the cake was so luscious and moist. uugghhh.. i still want some chocolate cake!

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  1. I love your blog! I love that ur becoming a big foodie! Next time write about exotic foods it will show the adventurous part of u being a foodie. Keep blogging and goodluck to your next food adventure!