I don't believe in low fat cooking

Eat what you love.
"if it looks good, eat it!" - Andrew zimmern (Bizarre foods)
"I like to eat street foods" - Bobby chinn (world cafe asia)
.. "foody munster!"

Friday, December 28, 2012

Maki and Gelato: kimono ken and Art's cream gallery (late post)

When it comes to budget friendly Japanese restaurants: RaiRai ken, Tempura Japanese grill and Kimono Ken are my top choices. 
me and my cousins watched a movie and had our early dinner here at Kimono Ken. great ambiance, there weren't too much people inside so the serving was fast and we didn't have to wait for too long.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Big Tournament: SumoSam MOA

We were in Mall of Asia last Friday night to play bowling, 8 sets for the boys and 3 for me and ate kaye. After the whole game, we went to Sumo Sam to satisfy our empty stomach. yey!

Since it was near closing time, there aren't many people dining in. I'm loving the ambiance of this branch compared to sumosam gateway, and the designs are modern chic. love it.

Monday, November 12, 2012

a date with my burrito: Noriter and Army Navy (Taft)

This is my Best friend, alyssa. We've known each other since we were 4 or 5 years old. We grew up together because we live soooo close,(2 GIANT steps lang  from our gate, nasa tapat kana din ng gate nila.) so we tend to see each other quite often. But that was before, Until we went to college, But we still manage to keep in touch, of course, we're best friends. :)

so one time, we went to Noriter and Army Navy along taft avenue, in front of DLSU to chitchat and relax.

sasa and chie (our childhood nicknames)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

simply delish: Rai Rai Ken

The word Rai Rai when translated in Chinese and Japanese language means "welcome" and Ken which means "restaurant". However, it is the Japanese people which further developed this into an authentic fine food concept and experience. Rai Rai in japanese is originally pronounced as "irashai" while ken is "shokudo". It was in 1992 when Benjamin Garcia decided to put up his own resto in makati city. He called it Master Chow, it was more of a "karinderya" and not a regular resto with Tapsilog and other Filipino breakfast. Later on it's operation, they started to offer ramen and other japanese food.


With her daughter, princess and "mowdel" hubby, Felix Tiomico, Jenny Garcia Tiomico
(or ate jen as i call her), who happens to be my cousin's friend, is a corporate secretary at Rai Rai Ken and the daughter of Mr. Benjamin "Benjie" Garcia, Rai Rai Ken's President and CEO.

Felix, by the way is a cast member of TV5's Game and  Go with Joey Deleon every sunday, a model and an executive chef, also at Rai Rai Ken. He was part of the Bench Universe 2012, Cosmo Bash 2012, Philippine Fashion Week and other Runway fashion shows in manila.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

lovely date with ate deanne: Peri Peri charcoal chicken

Since i only have brothers, sometimes i think having a sister like her would be great and because she's nice and she's fun to hang out with.

We spent some time together talking about our personal dilemmas and we also went shopping. so after walking and chit chatting, we decided to have dinner at Peri-Peri- SM megamall.

"welcome to the world of peri-peri!"

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Celebrating my 21st birthday: Mesa Filipino Moderne Tomas Morato

I do consider myself a bit of an outcast, i only have 1 or 2 friends to talk to in my early years at school, even to my family members as they are so outgoing, and me being, uhmm.. "KJ". Anyway, since 1st year High school (2002) up to now, i always celebrate my birthday with my grade school/High school friends. from 1995-2006, kami-kami padin ang magkaka-klase. As i was saying, mejo shy-type ako non, so mga grade3-4 na'ko nagkaron ng mga friends, at sila yun! so for almost 15 years of friendship, Thank you guys..
sayang kulang kami..

photo from gottotravel.blogspot.com

We had our dinner at Mesa. My cousin owns this branch in Tomas Morato and it's my 3rd time to visit Mesa so here's a simple way to satisfy everyone's taste buds!

A fun date with my Girlfriends..

The title says it all. This post has nothing to do with food, pero gusto ko lang i-share!:)
we've known each other way back since 1996 or 1997?..
kwentuhan, "sssssshhh stuff"
or ("secret, wag mong sasabihin kahit kanino"-thing ^__^)

Chelle, Cci and Chie. (BLUE ONION)

one satisfying night: Pancake House - Bonifacio Global City Taguig

After watching the Vow, we went to Serendra and had a quick stop at Jamba Juice, it's our fist time to try this, and yes! i can say that we got JAMBA-FIED that night!.... did i say it right?:) we loved it!!

Out of boredom: La Piadina (Robinson's Manila)

meal #1: Piadina cotoletta  di polo trio - breaded chicken fillet with baked potato with layers of cream and cheese with pasta of the day.
meal #2: Grilled mozzarella set with pasta of the day.
meal #3: uhmmm... with soup of the day (i forgot the name of this one.:/)
with piadina - grissini di pizza (Piadina's version of Garlic Bread sticks)

goofing around with my cuzins! ugh.. i just love hanging out with you guys!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

random food finds

 hmmm.. a bit salty..

....chef tony's popcorn will always be the best for me!!

CRUNCH nestle ice cream

i made this for my bestfriend! used betty crocker chocolate cake and nuttela-cream fosting!

looks exactly like MEDCHEF's 3 for 100, eeeeiii??!.. hmmm...

the original MEDCHEF's 3 for 100 - photo from chef hasset go

chicago deep dish from banchetto-gateway

jello and betty crocker's chocolate frosting

mokkilato gelato!


quesadllias from soya bar

yummy! from Tou Le Jours..

lugaw with egg, ox tripe and sumpia/lumpia..!

i love this one!!

speculoos spread from belgium

ooohh yummy!

using salad master's electric griller

kare-kare from chicken deli

i like durian flavored candies, but this?.. hmmm.. i haven't tried it yet..

new from bear brand! vanilla flavor with ginseng!

rani juice

pansit palabok from nelia's

oreo with peach and mango doughnut from krispy kreme

oh woooow!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Can afford meals: SM (North Edsa) foodcourt

looking for a cheap place to eat? go to SM foodcourt. I think, probably the most inexpensive place to grab something to eat.

Affordable? yes. Good food? uhmmm.. syempre, pag gutom ka, LAHAT MASARAP SAYO............ if you guys know what i mean.....:P and so many food stalls to choose from!

here are some of my food during my lunch break while attending my review class here at SM for almost 3months.

pinakbet with sweet and sour fish fillet - hmmm.. ok food..

chicken and sweet and sour pork from savory

chicken inasal 99pesos

pork tonkatsu at tokyo-tokyo

bodhi vegetarian food - sorry pero ito lang talaga ang diko na feel.... prang rubber...

my favorite kare2x and lechon form... i think, lydias lechon 150 pesos

sweet and sour fish fillet and chopsuey - kusina ni gracia 80php

tocilog from pinoy toppings

tapsilog from pinoy toppings( look at that oily sooouuuup!!) :(

shawarma rice 55

i forgot the name! but i love this one! 99php

from tokyo tokyo.. i hate it period

nachos supreme from taco bell

this one is from soya bar, nilagay ko lang sya dito... i just love it!! chilled taho