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Friday, December 28, 2012

Maki and Gelato: kimono ken and Art's cream gallery (late post)

When it comes to budget friendly Japanese restaurants: RaiRai ken, Tempura Japanese grill and Kimono Ken are my top choices. 
me and my cousins watched a movie and had our early dinner here at Kimono Ken. great ambiance, there weren't too much people inside so the serving was fast and we didn't have to wait for too long.

since i love everything Maki-ish, i ordered their dynamite maki-200+ plus 6% S.C.
dynamite maki is DYNAMITE! a combination of spicy salmon, ebiko, unagi and cucumber.

shayne ordered the Philadelphia roll - 190 plus 6% S.C. - with crab sticks, cooked salmon and cream cheese. she doesn't want anything spicy so she sticks to the ol' cheesy maki thing.

and ate eizelle had the soboro chicken - 180 plus 6% S.C. -minced chicken topped with egg and special thick sauce.

I also ordered the Kimono ken's special which is a fruit punch... but all i can taste is the sweetness of the orange juice..:/
Kimono ken's special - 75
sorry for the awful quality of this photo..:(

iced tea 40
and the two ordered the usual iced tea

after our dinner, it's gelato time!!
from L to R: ate eizelle had cookies and cream with cheese, strawberry with lite pistachio for shayne and brownies and cream with strawberry for me.

and there's plenty of flavors to choose from.

we also played snake and ladders while having our gelato time.

overall, we had so much fun!
(again, sorry for the quality of this photo.)

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