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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Japanese dinner: Kimono Ken (MOA)

As i mentioned in a previous post, kimono ken is one of my favorites when it comes to affordable Jap resto. I really am obsessed with sushi and/or maki. Serving authentic Japanese treats. for less.

unagi (eel)  
First up, we were looking for something new to our taste buds, and we tried unagi sushi for the first time. It looked (and tasted - for me) like a typical fish fillet (milk fish, to be exact) with some "slightly sweet brown sauce". For some, They were not pleased about their unagi experience. I guess they didn't like the texture and flavor. 

 Kani Tempura
oh i really love tempura. Doesn't matter if it's kani or ebi.

Tokyo Sunrise Roll (Unagi, crab stick and spicy tuna)
I was craving for maki that day (I'm crazy about maki), so we ordered Kimono Ken's TSR.

Chicken Teriyaki
-boneless chicken thigh with teriyaki sauce. It goes well with their Japanese fried rice. :)

Mango ala mode (fresh mango topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup)

 - I ordered their mango ala mode.
a simple dessert, but such a delightful treat.

there are a lot of Japanese restaurants around the metro, but kimono ken will remain close to me.<3
I will definitely go back again for another round of Maki. :)

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