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Friday, June 21, 2013

Authentic Taiwanese Cuisine: Lugang Café (MOA)

Our Lugang Cafe experience was memorable. It looks like a fine - dining restaurant because it has a clean and classy ambiance. This place is also huge because it has two floors with polished lights and modern interiors that transfer you to a place full of elegance and style. and I, personally loved it.
photo from food.silkenhut.com

The place gets jam-packed quickly but we were lucky to be seated right away. Looking at the menu, It was quite hard to decide what to order at first since they offer a wide variety of meals and everything sounds delish and yummy (i wanted to try their Xiao Long Bao ever since, so it's already on my list).
But since it's our first time to try LC, We ordered pretty simple dishes. :)

Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao P228

I suggested this one because I've been craving for it ever since i saw my friend posted a photo of these cute babies on instagram. The combination of the soup and the amount of filling is simply divine.
I.... had a hard time eating it at first especially using chopsticks but good thing they had Chinese soup spoon for me. problem solved! :)

Taiwanese crispy chicken nuggets P180

crispy chicken nuggets for us. It has a side of pickled veggies and a teaspoon of five spice powder(??) for added flavor. A bit oily though, but we liked it.

sweet and sour pork P290

We love sweet and sour pork, that's it.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal and we'll definitely go back again soon to try other dishes. 

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