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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pinoy's version of Vietnamese Food: XIN CHAO

Chef, Hasset Go is a Celebrity pastry chef, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, culinary school instructor and the owner of his "new baby", XIN CHAO - almost across San Sebastian College, also near to Legarda ave. or CEU, beside LBC)

"the most affordable Vietnamese food yet.." - from XIN CHAO's Facebook page, and yes! its very cheap and inexpensive! 

We went around past 12pm and we thought we were late because 11am is the grand opening, until we arrived and saw other crew(?) members outside and they're just about to put the light box of XC, then i asked one of them if what time are they going to open, and he just told us to go upstairs.
 I'm like, "whaaat? go upstairs? so you mean it has a 2nd floor? (upon jumping in, we saw some pastries by Medchef) aaaah.. so dito sa baba ang medchef, sa taas ang xin chao. nice!".

apparently we were just in time.......... for lunch time! hihi..^^

 I first ordered the PHO XAO BO (stir fried beef noodles) - P49.00
it looks like an ordinary "pansit canton" with shredded beef, onions and greens. I tasted it and i thought it's kinda salty for me so i asked for a piece of calamansi to balance the flavor. and it worked. For a price of below 50pesos, it's a great deal!

my cousin ordered COM THIT BO XAO CAI (beef and vegetables stir fry w/rice) P69.00
We both liked the presentation - Simple. and it's so affordable for only 69 pesos. I took a bite and it has a nice flavor and aroma. however, the beef itself is a bit tough. 

GOI CUON (viet spring rolls) P70.00
fresh veggies (coriander, bean sprouts, carrots, etc.), vermicelli with thinly sliced beef wrapped in rice paper served with lime vinaigrette, i think?.
well, my suggestion would be, maybe each roll should be sliced into 3 to 4 pieces. The thick strands of vermicelli with the beef and fresh carrots are a little bit hard to cut with a spoon or fork. :)

CHE SUONG SAO (Grass jelly) - P19.00
we both enjoyed drinking it! i really liked it!:)

and of course, all of these are served by Erlie.:) Chef hasset, if you're reading this, I'd like you to know that she is very handy, always asking if we want something and very helpful. :)) good job!

other photos:

ate eizelle with direk Manny Castaneda at the back..



"hi chef! i hope you still remember this photo!:)"

with chef's lovely girlfriend, Ms. lauren angeli.

with the Famous Vietnamese conical hat.
chubby me with chef hasset

thank you chef hasset!!!:) 

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